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                                              Things To Know

1. All dogs must be current on Rabies, DHPP, Canine Influenza and Canine Cough vaccines. 

2. NO veterinary visits at least 48 hours prior to boarding

3. Reservations are required. Reserve early for all holiday and summer boarding. April - September is the main boarding season, so call early.

4. Please keep your dog on leash upon arrival. We will put your dog in one of the exercise areas as soon as you arrive.

5. Cancellation notice: Due to the limited number of dogs that we take at one time we must maximize our space during the busy season and holidays. We require 24 hours notice for cancellation or changes to your reservation; (dropping off at a later date or returning early)
You will be charged for failure to give proper notice. If your reservation falls on a Friday or Saturday you will be charged for the weekend. If your reservation falls on a major holidayyou will be charged for the ENTIRE reservation.
Returning Early: If you cut your trip short, We require the same 24 hour notice to allow another client to get their dog in the kennel. If you return early on a Friday or Saturday you will be charged for the weekend.

6. Aggressive or disruptive dogs: We will not board any dog that we feel might bite our staff .We will not board any dog that is destructive or disruptive . Disruptive behavior includes excessive barking.

7. Females In Season: We are committed to helping with prevention of pet overpopulation, and are one of the only kennels to provide this service. If your female is not spayed we recommend boarding her from the first sign of her heat cycle until she is finished. The rate for this service is $60 per week for the duration of the cycle. Boarding her will prevent an unwanted litter and keep peace in the neighborhood. Call us if you have questions regarding this service.

8. Medication and Bathing: Please put pills in pillbox for AM and PM per day. We do not charge for the first two daily medications. A $1.00 per day fee may be charged for more than two medications. We will not bathe your dog unless you request it. We reserve the right to bathe your dog if we feel it’s necessary prior to them going home. Short coated dogs up to 100lbs. will be $10.00. Long coated dogs up to 100lbs. will be $15.00. Komondors, Puli and English Sheepdogs will be much more.

9. Payment: Payment is due when you pick up. At this time we are not taking any cards (credit or debit). Cash or Check is fine.

10. When you fill out our boarding contract, please list all the people authorized to pick up your pet. We will not release your pet to anyone not listed on the contract.

If you have any questions on this information , please call us  781 8825.