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  Boarding your pet should be a pleasent experience for you and your pet. Most dogs are social animals and enjoy the company and activity of other dogs and people. There is a difference between a stimulating environment and an overwhelming environment. The number of animals kept at a facility can impact that environment in many ways. Our facility overall is 8500 square feet. It's a large building however the number of dogs we board never exceeds 32 dogs. Most kennels board between 50 and 250 dogs at any given time. We DO NOT do volume boarding.

  All of the dogs boarded get the same size run regardless of the size of the dog. Our single dog runs are 4'x18'. For the multiple dog family our double doggers are 6'x16'. Our runs are continuous (not split into two parts) so if the dogs want to run in the middle of the night they have the space. All dogs go out to the outside exercise areas morning, noon and again in the afternoon and evening. They have their own exercise area to themselves. We do not charge extra for this.

   The kennel is climate controlled with central heat and AC. We have skylights in the kennel letting in natural sunlight. The floor in the kennel is a polymer acrylic material, the same floor in operating rooms in hospitals. The building is well designed and built from top quality material. It survived hurricane Hugo in 1989 with no damage.

  If you prefer to bring your own food and bedding or crate, That is fine. If you bring toys make sure they can not be swallowed or ingested. Examples of good toys would be Nylabones and Kongs. No stuffed animals.  Click Things To Know for more information.   

  This facility is owner operated. We live on the property and handle every dog that comes in for boarding. All animals are getting the benefit of over 30 years of experience in the industry.

  We always welcome people to come out and visit the kennel prior to boarding with us. Having many people coming and going through can be disruptive in the kennel and to our daily routine, so we ask that you call prior to coming and set up an appointment. We have put up some pictures of the facility, click View The Kennel .